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Manufacture of a Bead Mill Agitator Disc

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Bead mills are used to break down the particle size of ingredients in the food industry. The agitator discs wear down in the process and have to be periodically replaced. A customer brought us this badly worn agitator disc to see if we could produce replacements:

We used our laser scanner to produce a point cloud and from this reverse engineered a CAD model using Geomagic Design X software. The CAD model was produced with the worn features filled in.  The Geomagic Design X software then converted the CAD model into a native SolidWorks model as shown here:

New agitator discs were then machined on our Hurco VMC20i machining centre. The final operation is shown here, simulated so that the camera could be placed inside the machine guarding:

Here is the finished disc: